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We are an award winning company. We take pride in what we do and in our expertise and professionalism in service to our clients. We are the primary service provider of most commercial establishments, industrial companies and residential communities. We have been in the business for years. We can help you from changing the switches of your home to troubleshooting. We also handle a tripping breaker. We can also install an emergency distribution system. We understand the needs of our guests. We strive to do the best that we can in every project that we handle. We do it as clean as possible and with a quality.

We make it a point to explain the approach that we do. We also encourage our clients to give input and share their opinions to us. That way you can help us give you the results that you are looking for in a price that you can afford. We will schedule our work and inspection to accommodate our day to day projects. There is never a charge if you will change your mind or you want to reschedule the inspection or ocular visit. We will give you with free quotes for the scope of the work that you would like us to do for you. We cannot provide an estimate over the telephone until we see the scope of the project. It is hard to tell the amount without seeing the project. You can call us now and let our top notch technicians take care of your needs.

we are dedicated to offering superior electrical system solutions

  • Tube wiring and knob
  • With the overwhelming number of clients we have each day, we give the best knob and tube remedies along with rewiring services too. Our technicians know what to do. They have the tricks to come up with an excellent rewiring results. There is nothing to worry about, because the disturbance will be minimal. You can ask us to schedule it out and we will inspect the scope of the project.
  • Panel upgrades
  • Regardless if the panel just needs to be changed or you need an additional electrical service upgrade, we have professional staffs to take care of your needs. We will be coordinating with the ones handling the electrical permits, inspection and others. These are all part of our service so, so you do not have to worry about them. We can also provide you with a temporary power if you will request on it. Allow us to inspect for the scope of the project and we will provide you with a quote right away.
  • Remodeling
  • This comes in various scopes. Remodeling may be in the kitchen or in the bathroom. When you build a part of your basement for a family room that you have been dreaming of, we can be of help to you. It may be a place to receive guests, an additional room in the house or a place to relax and entertain. We can be of help to you. We can be your partner when it comes to electrical designs and installation too. We will help you with the outlet layout, lighting installation, structured cabling for your telephone, data & cable TV etc.